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Happy Halloween

In honor of Halloween and fright night, this month's book will be Scarface.

Free Book of the Month Club| October Feature | Marriage Lottery Scarface by Caty Callahan

A young girl with scars. Her five tormenters.

Lucy Lambert used to have a crush on Jared Hamilton. Then she heard him and his four buddies calling her Scarface. Now she wants nothing to do with him or his bully friends. When he draws her name in the lottery she has a complete meltdown sobbing hysterically on Lottery Field. There are no women left; just her. Not even the magistrate can fix this.

Jared Hamilton is as surprised as everyone when his name is called at the lottery. The problem is that he's called dead last and there's only one girl left--Lucy Lambert. He never meant for her to hear the things he said about her scars and the truth is, they aren't that bad. Before he knows it, he's head over heels in love with his wife and she still hates him.

A young husband's scheme to get his wife in bed is about to turn deadly. It'll take the girl with the scars to save him.