Enoch I: The Book of Watchers

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Enoch was the father of Methuselah, born around 622 AM (after the year of creation).  According to the Book of Genesis, he lived 365 years, much shorter than the lifespan of 700 years at the time, at which point God spared him a mortal death and took him straight to Heaven (Gen 5:21-24; Hebrews 11:5).

Many historians believe that Enoch was the ancient Sumerian King Enmeduranki.  In Muslim texts Enoch is thought to be Idris.  In some Greek texts Enoch is thought to be the demigod Hermes.

Enoch’s family tree looks like this:  ADAM–> SETH–> ENOS–> KENAN–> MAHALALEL–> JARED–> ENOCH–> METHUSALEH–> LAMECH–> NOAH.

Enoch was great grandfather to Noah and great great great great grandson to Adam.

Although Enoch is referred to in many books of the bible, his books were considered non-canonical and relegated to apocryphal texts.  So for two centuries, only an elite few were permitted to read them.

I Enoch contains five books:

  1. Book of the Watchers, Chs. 1-36
  2. Book of Allegories, Chs. 37-71
  3. Astronomical Book, Chs. 72-82
  4. Book of Dream Visions, Chs. 83-90
  5. Epistle of Enoch, Chs. 91-108

In I Enoch 6-8, 200 messengers from Heaven (angels) descended to Earth to Mount Hermon (Syria) in the days of Jared (Enoch’s father) to mate with human women and have children for themselves.  Their children were giants, much larger and more powerful than men.  These giants destroyed all that man had built and killed man.  As these human men died and their souls rose to Heaven, God heard their pleas.  By then the giants had already resorted to cannibalism.

In I Enoch 10, God tells Uriel to bind the leader of these fallen angels, Azazel, and cast him into darkness until the Day of the Great Judgment.  God tells Gabriel to set the giants against each other so they will be wiped from the earth.  God tells Michael to bind the rest of the messengers (fallen angels) and, after they’ve watched their children die, bind them to walk the earth for seventy generations until the day of their judgment.

In I Enoch 9, God says that part of the reason they are damned is because they taught man the secrets preserved in heaven (described in I Enoch 8)–metalsmithing, chemistry, gemology or geology, makeup, dyes, spells, herbology, astrology, climatology, and astronomy.

I Enoch 7:2 was mistranslated into English.  The English translation erroneously describes giants as 3,000 ells tall (a non-existent measurement).  It actually says:  “And there were born unto them three sorts, the first were great giants, and to the giants were born Nephilim, and to the Nephilim were born Elioud.”

The Quran (Quran 26:130) describes the people of Ad who are most likely the Nephilim, sons of giants, and were 100 feet tall.  Later in I Enoch (after the Book of the Watchers), giants are described as 300 cubits tall.  A cubit is 18 inches, making the giants 450 feet tall.  That means that giants, the product of angels and human women, are much larger than any creature on earth.  In fact, the Colossus of Rhodes, one of the seven wonders of the ancient world, was small in comparison.  At only 108 feet high, it was the size of the giants’ offspring, the Nephilim.  (The same height as the Statue of Liberty.)

In I Enoch 10, God sent Uriel to warn Noah that a deluge (flood) was coming and would destroy all life, but that Noah may escape and preserve his line for generations to come.

I Enoch 14:8-23 describes Heaven very differently than what most of us are told growing up.  In fact, God’s house appears to be made of ice with walls of fire and submerged in water.  Not in the sky, not in the clouds, not in a marble building with a golden throne like Mount Olympus.  It is so painful to look upon God that he could be any type of being not necessary humanoid.  Enoch goes on to describe the rest of Heaven (beyond God’s house) in I Enoch 17-18 and I Enoch 24-36.  Then he describes what appears to be Hell in I Enoch 21 and 23.  In I Enoch 22 he describes a limbo where souls of the dead wait to be judged.

It is believed that the Catholic Church suppressed all of the books of Enoch and called them heretical because they wanted to control what people believed was the path to Heaven and therefore salvation.  In I Enoch 10, God tells Enoch that the path to Heaven is truth, peace, and righteousness while oppression and hurting each other are the paths to Hell.  The Catholic Church’s history of oppression is well-documented.  So most Catholics would clearly go to Hell.  You can see why they wouldn’t want the books of Enoch in the bible.

Now imagine the world of the Bride Lottery and Marriage Lottery.  Men have created a virus that kills everyone who doe not carry the purple-eyed haplogroup gene.  But in their effort to make themselves the sole survivors of a future world where they would be kings, they made a huge mistake–that gene falls on the Y chromosome dooming all women to death (women don’t have a Y chromosome).  Fortunately, as in most viral epidemics, a handful of the infected become naturally immune and that immunity is passed onto their children.  So a few women survive.  But the disparity between the number of men and the number of women grows.  In the beginning, there is one woman to every dozen men, but as the original virus mutates and mixes with other viruses, it becomes one woman to every thirty men.  Faced with the prospect of a life without a mate and without children, these men become violent.

God, remembering the lesson of the Watchers (fallen angels), devises a plan to save man from himself.  He turns to the beings closest to him, the Seraphim, winged celestial beings who are capable of withstanding the fire of being so close to God, and sends one to Earth to mate with a human man and become mother to a new breed of women who are immune to the plagues of man.  Seraphim are gentle, sweet, beautiful winged creatures who are closer to God than any other celestial being.  While angels (Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel, etc.) are wingless males, Seraphim are winged females with attributes of the phoenix.

Seraphim are more than winged female celestial beings.  They are singers who attend to the throne of God.  They continuously sing in Heaven.  In fact, when we speak of “choirs of angels”, it’s not actually angels we envision singing, but Seraphim.

Another attribute of the Seraphim is their relentless devotion to God.  It is thought that they resemble the phoenix because they are constantly purifying themselves through fire, the fire that surrounds God’s throne.

The last attribute of the Seraphim is enlightenment.  Because they live eternity in the brightness of God’s love and light, they are the most enlightened beings also capable of enlightening others.  In fact, many dictionaries define Seraphim as “beings of pure light who communicate directly with God”.  I prefer the term God’s cheerleaders.

Seraphim are described in detail by Isaiah 6:1-8; 14:29; 30:6.

And there you have the inspiration for the Angel Lottery.

God bless,

Caty Callahan

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